crystal healing - does it really work?

Crystal Healing – does it really work?

The world has changed a lot since the pandemic, with people becoming more and more interested in holistic health and wellness. Here at Soulminded Wellness, we love energy healing and crystals are one of our favourite ways to help us feel great in mind, body and spirit!

There will always be skeptics though, and that’s fine, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I always encourage anyone who has doubts about anything to give it a try and see for themselves – the problem with this, though, is that people get what they expect. It is one of the laws of psychology and is what a lot of mindset coaching and hypnotherapy is based on. Does this mean that crystal healing doesn’t work then?

I believe that crystals are powerful. They have energetic vibrations, just like everything else on this planet, but I do think there is something magical about them! Let’s look at quartz as an example¬† – it is used in watches and other technology. Why would manufacturers use it if it didn’t have some sort of special function? Each crystal is different and if you have ever experienced a large geode you would be able to feel the energy that comes out of it. I suggest you take a trip to your local crystal shop and hold some of the crystals in your hand. If you are intuitive then you will feel different with each one you hold. I recommend this as the best way to choose a crystal as you will know which one is for you when you get a special feeling about it.

How do crystals heal?

If you have done my colour therapy or chakra healing courses, you will know how both of these link together because certain colours balance certain chakras. If you have an imbalance in any of your chakras, one of the best ways of balancing it is to use a crystal that corresponds to that particular chakra. As an example, let’s say you kept getting sore throats – blue is the colour that balances the chakra, so a nice blue crystal, like lapis lazuli, would be perfect. You could hold the crystal on your throat chakra or you could put it under your pillow. You might want to carry it around with you too.

You can also use your intuition when choosing a crystal so heal a particular issue. Remember, that not all healing is physical. Crystals are great for emotional healing, with rose quartz being the best choice if you are experiencing a difficult relationship breakdown. As I said earlier, go into a crystal shop and see which crystal you feel drawn to. It is good manners to ask the owner first if you can handle the crystals, as crystals not only contain energy but they also hold energy from anyone who has handled them.

I have an example of when I used a crystal to heal a physical issue I had. I had a large skin tag that had appeared on my chest. It kept catching on my clothes and it was getting on my nerves. Anyway, I have a bowl of crystals in my bedroom and, one night, when I was about to go to bed I saw a green crystal (green is the traditional colour of healing) in my bowl and I intuitively knew to rub it on my skin tag. It was an intuitive nudge that I paid immediate attention to and I was glad I did because as soon as I had rubbed it on the skin tag, it fell off effortlessly. So, I know, from personal experience, that crystals are powerful and can heal.

Having said this, I would always recommend getting medical advice rather than relying on crystal healing if you have any serious issues or believe that a minor symptom could be a sign of something more serious. Always get it checked out.

I tend to use my crystals more for keeping me in a high vibrational state. I like to wear crystal bracelets and put them under my pillow. I always feel I have more energy when I do this. I also choose certain crystals to suit certain events. For example, if I am going to be going to a new place with lots of people I will wear or carry a grounding, protective crystal like black obsidian or tiger’s eye.

I will be sharing more on this with you in my new course, so if you want to join live with me while I create it, then follow me on social media for more updates.

For now, if I had to recommend some crystals for your starter kit, they would be clear quartz (for cleansing), rose quartz (for love, including self love), tiger’s eye (for grounding), jade (for general health and wellbeing) and amethyst for strengthening your intuition and spiritual health.




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