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Here at M-Oceanal, we know it can be hard to create a life you love. Maybe, you have a great relationship but your day job is getting you down, or you might have the job of your dreams but you keep attracting the wrong type of partner. Sometimes, this can feel like you're taking one step forwards and three steps back as you notice annoying patterns repeating in certain areas of your life.

This is all down to limiting beliefs in your subconscious that cause negative thoughts and emotions, which lead to patterns of behaviour that can literally sabotage your attempts to live your ideal life. We'll teach you how to delve deep into your subconscious mind to find out why you're holding yourself back so you can sail towards your dream future.

So, if you want to overcome challenges and work on your personal, spiritual and professional development, you're in the right place. We offer a range of products and services to help you improve mind, body and soul and, if you're a budding soul-led entrepreneur our holistic and coaching training academy can give you the skills you need to set up your own heart-centred business that helps others.

We hope you enjoy diving into our website as much as we've enjoyed creating it for you.

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As our gift to you, we have created this FREE Printable journal to help you find out what it is that might be stopping you living the happier life you know you deserve.

So, grab a cuppa and a pen and spend some time delving deep...

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Our services.


Offering online hypnotherapy sessions with NCH accredited certified hypnotherapists


Check out our signature success coaching system, M-Oceanal Synergy Coaching TM


Offering a wide range of training programs and consultancy options for bespoke corporate training solutions


Checkout our membership communities offering personal & spiritual growth tools as well as our business success academy.

Meet our Founder

about our founder

Hi, I'm Anji and I created M-Oceanal to help you overcome your mindset blocks, limiting beliefs and sabotaging behaviours that are stopping you living your best life.

I'm an NCH accredited hypnotherapist and certified coach with several years experience in career and business coaching.

As well as this, I'm a fitness freak, yogi, dog lover and creative.

My other favourite things to do are spending time with friends and family, reading, dancing, karaoke and walking my dog in nature.

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Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're probably right.
Henry Ford

What people are saying

Checkout these love bombs from our clients. Whether we're teaching what we know or helping people overcome issues standing in their way to happiness and success, our main aim is to make a difference.

We hope these snippets prove we are doing that in our own unique way!

We worked with my confidence issues, which have been hounding me for most of life and holding me back. After the first session I began to feel better and went onto have a really great week. This session opened my eyes to the part of me I could now let go of and leave behind. I literally saw it melt away into a corner.

Since the sessions I am approaching my work with a very different attitude and have booked 2 new clients in for 6 weeks each without any doubt in my mind as to my abilities.

Geraldine Coffey1:1 Client
Angela made me feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the experience. I found the session enlightening and valuable, she provided inciteful guidance and I feel I have gained understanding of the issues I wish to deal with, and also going forward how to deal with them. I would strongly recommend Angela to anyone who needs more self-understanding and help with tackling certain issues through hypnotherapy
Deb Cotterill1:1 Client
Well. Very interesting indeed. Totally open minded going into these sessions. Never done anything quite like this before or on this level. I wasn’t quite prepared for the experience - brand new feelings within my body, visions outside my ‘normal’ capacity. Angela, in every sense, is wonderful. She is calm, patient and confident and is very natural with easy free flowing conversation, establishing rapport instantly. I feel, through speaking to Angela, that she has helped me understand myself a little more and I feel I have answers to some questions I’d been asking myself for a while - thank you. I am very grateful for your time
Laura Hough1:1 client