What is M-Oceanal?

M-oceanal is holistic wellness, which means mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. You are a spiritual being in a physical body and your health is affected by mental, emotional, spiritual and physical issues and it is important to consider all aspects of YOU when you work to achieve optimal health and happiness.

Is hypnotherapy safe?

Hypnotherapy is a perfectly natural state that everyone goes into several times a day. When you first wake up; before you drift off to sleep, when you are watching TV; when reading a book; when walking your dog in nature and when driving. These are just a few examples of when you naturally go into a trance state. Therefore, it is perfectly safe and nothing to worry about. It is important, though, to check with your medical practitioner if you have epilepsy, high blood pressure, psychotic illness or you are pregnant, just to make doubly sure!

Can you make me tell you all my darkest secrets?

People think that when they are in hypnosis they will blurt out things they don’t want people to know and this is not the case at all! When you are having regression hypnosis you will be in a light trance which means you will feel totally relaxed, just like you do when lounging on a sun lounger on holiday, and so even if you go back to a memory you don’t want to talk about you don’t have to tell me or any other hypnotherapist anything you don’t want to discuss. You can still have an effective session without blurting out your innermost secrets and you shouldn’t believe things you see in Hollywood movies. All hypnosis is really just self-hypnosis anyway and a hypnotherapist doesn’t have any special powers to make you discuss things you’d prefer to keep to yourself!

What if I fall asleep during hypnosis?

If you are having clinical hypnotherapy this doesn’t matter as the suggestions will still reach your subconscious mind while you are asleep. If you fall asleep during a regression session, then this will affect your session as you need to be in a light trance state where you can talk to me or any other hypnotherapist. I would therefore suggest not booking a zoom session for a time when you know you are going to feel so tired you might fall asleep!

What if I can’t be hypnotised?

The majority of people can be hypnotised. I have had one client who used to wake up during operations under anesthetic who was one of my best hypnotic subjects as he went into a deep trance and was slow to wake up! I also had a client who took a while to uncover memories during regression but who went on to have an amazing session. Having said this, there are a small minority of people who can’t be hypnotised and, even though I haven’t had a client yet who couldn’t be hypnotised, if you book with me and you are one of the rare few then I will, of course, refund your money if we can’t do the session.

What does it feel like when you’re hypnotised?

It is different for everyone and it all depends on he level of trance you go into. There are different brain wave frequencies you may have heard of with beta being our usual conscious level and alpha as a nice relaxed light trance. For regression hypnosis I like to put clients into a light alpha state and this feels like you are awake but in a lovely relaxed state just like you would be on holiday lazing by the pool on a sun lounger listening to your favourite music or lying in a nice bath with a glass of wine (although please don’t drink alcohol before the session, this is just an example of the type of relaxation you will feel!). In both of these cases you will be able to have a conversation but you will still feel like you are awake. This can confuse people sometimes because they don’t feel like they are in hypnosis. Don’t worry though – I can tell whether someone is in hypnosis because of several body language cues that they will show.

Sometimes people will go into a deeper trance which is usually the theta brainwave state and in this hypnotic state they may mumble and feel disorientated, just like coming out of anesthetic or waking up in the middle of a dream when you still feel really tired and confused.

I have not had anyone go into a delta state which is a deep sleep state as this is not ideal for regression hypnosis and this is the type of hypnosis that I specialise in.

Trained hypnotherapists, like myself, know how to deepen the trance state and so I always know when to stop so that people remain in a perfect state where you feel sleepy and relaxed but still able to speak.

What if I go back to a distressing memory?

If you know that you have bad memories and past trauma then it is highly likely that you will go back to a distressing memory so that it can be cleared and healed and this is the point of regression hypnotherapy. Trained hypnotherapists, like myself, will be able to manage the experience so that you review, rather than relive it. You will feel like an outsider looking in and I will monitor your reactions so I will only put you directly into the memory if I know you can handle it and it will be the best way to release any stored pain and trauma so that you can move on with your life. There is something we hypnotherapists call an ‘abreaction’ which is when the trauma and pain is released by a client showing an emotional reaction which can be anything from screaming and swearing to bursting out crying into floods of tears. The abreaction is a sign that the session has had a huge effect and clients who experience abreactions tell me that they felt a weight had been lifted and they felt so much lighter during the session. It may be that you recover a memory you were not consciously aware of, which may happen during a past life regression, that may be very traumatic and, I will use the same technique as normal regression, where you will feel like you are reviewing it as an outsider if the memory is too painful.

What if I don’t believe in past life regression?

You don’t have to believe in past life regression to get amazing results. Several of my clients have gone into spontaneous past lives when coming to me for help with fears and phobias and two of them didn’t believe in past lives but were surprised to find their issues were resolved as a result.

The aim of a session is to help you overcome an issue and if your subconscious mind takes you back to a memory which can only be described as being from another lifetime, then your mind will do that to help you resolve your issue and you don’t have to believe in reincarnation for this to happen.

Why should I book you for a hypnotherapy session?

At the moment, in the UK, where I live, there is no legislation that states you have to have a qualification to be a hypnotherapist, which means anyone can call themselves a hypnotherapist with little or no training. This is the same in most other countries around the world.

You should be careful, when hiring someone, that they have gone through rigorous training as, even if people know how to put someone in hypnosis, the main part of the session is using therapeutic techniques to help clients make breakthroughs while keeping them safe and only trained professionals, like myself, are equipped to do this.

I have a diploma in Rapid Transformational Therapy from Marisa Peer who is a famous celebrity hypnotherapist and I also have my NCH accredited Professional Diploma in Hypnotherapy from Andrew Parr, a highly rated Harley Street Hypnotherapist and author. Both of these diplomas have given me a wealth of experience in regression hypnotherapy and I am confident working with all types of clients for a wide variety of issues.

What is Intuitive Coaching?

Intuitive coaching is when I help clients to achieve their goals using a range of traditional coaching methods mixed with some new methods taken from the positive psychology movement, such as journaling, meditation and psi cards. I also use some intuitive tools which can help me provide useful guidance to clients when helping them to come up with ideas to help them move forwards. I find this type of coaching to be much more effective than traditional methods alone and my clients have had some amazing breakthroughs, especially when combined with hypnotherapy to identify blocks holding people back, releasing them and then reprogramming the mind for success.

Do you do in person hypnosis and coaching?

I mostly use Zoom however if you are in my local area (North West England) then I may be able to do an in-person session. I hope to set up some live workshops around the UK as my business grows and COVID starts to die down!

What is the refund policy for your hypnotherapy and coaching?

Once you have booked a session you can have a refund if you cancel more than 24 hours prior to the session. If you cancel less than 24 hours before then you will be entitled to reschedule but there will be no refunds. If there are exceptional circumstances you can contact my support team and we will look at each case individually as in some unforeseen circumstances we will offer a refund at short notice as a gesture of goodwill. I have never had anybody request a refund after a session and this is because I do my best to make sure that clients are happy with everything before they leave. If I have provided the service you paid for then you will therefore not be entitled to a refund. If for any reason I am not able to do a session, I will contact you to offer an alternative time and if you can’t make this time or you don’t wish to reschedule then I will offer you a full refund.

What happens during a hypnotherapy session?

First, I will ask you some questions about your issue and the outcome you would like from the session and then I will put you into a light trance state. I will then regress you to one or more memories that are the root cause of your issue. Once you have accessed a memory we will do some therapeutic work together to release the pain and trauma it caused you and then I will reprogram your mind with some positive suggestions to help you further heal the pain and trauma and help you feel happier, lighter and more confident going forwards. I will then bring you back to your full awareness and finish with a quick chat about how you felt it went so we can see if you need any further sessions or whether you feel like the issue was resolved in one session (which can happen in some cases).

What happens during a coaching session?

A typical coaching session starts with me asking you some questions about your issue and the outcome you would like. We then discuss some ideas about how we could possibly help move you further towards your goal. I use a variety of tools to help you get clarity on your situation and come up with some useful strategies you can use. We then put together an action plan and you commit to making changes or following the action plan for the time between sessions. It is possible to do this with a one-off session if your goal is quite straightforward for example, you want to change careers. We can come up with a plan you can implement by yourself once we have discussed it during the session and you feel you can do it without further support. These one-off sessions are perfect for those of you who feel stuck or confused about what you should do and you just want some clarity and a plan to follow. You can always book another session after a few weeks, if you want to. If you have booked a package, then these are much more structured and combine other tools such as hypnotherapy to help you dig deep into any subconscious blocks, you may not even be aware, that are holding you back, so we can release them and reprogram your mind for success. The packages combine subconscious and conscious work which is much more effective than traditional coaching as it goes deep down into things that are stopping you making progress.

For example, for someone who is a procrastinator, traditional coaching may provide the client with an action plan that involves getting up an hour earlier and dealing with the tasks they usually put off first, having a social media block on their phones, not looking at email until 11am etc. These are perfectly acceptable strategies; however, I believe the client is unlikely to follow this action plan if there is a subconscious block holding them back. I would use hypnotherapy to get down to the root cause of why they procrastinate, which may be self-worth issues or a fear of failure or success. I have found my coaching packages to be much better than traditional coaching alone. So, as well as finding the root cause, I then reprogram the mind for success and only then will I go onto providing the practical strategies mentioned above,

What if the coaching or hypnotherapy doesn’t work?

Again, I have never had a client tell me that the session has not worked. Sometimes, you will notice a difference immediately; however, in the majority of cases it may take a week or two before you start to notice changes. You should notice a difference in how you feel after the session, usually you will feel much lighter, happier and positive. Having said this, if you really believe that the session didn’t work then it is likely that there are other issues that need to be resolved or you are sabotaging yourself in some other way and, in this case, we can discuss a discounted follow up session to find out what is going on.

Do you have a refer a friend scheme?

Yes, if you refer a friend for any of my services, please email with your name, email address and the product or service you purchased along with the name, email and contact details of the person you referred. I will then send you discount code to use on one of my products or services.

What is the refund policy for your online courses?

The courses have a standard 14-day money back guarantee.

Do I get a certificate for your online courses?

Yes, you get a digital PDF certificate which you can print out. You can do this by emailing once you have completed the course.

What are the benefits of doing an online course with you?

You can do my course packages as separate courses on Udemy; however, if you do the courses with me, you will obtain a specialist diploma rather than an individual certificate. For example, if you take the life coaching course and my intuitive coach course on Udemy, they will give you two separate certificates, but if you take the coaching package course I offer, you will get both of those courses plus access to my success coach course once it has been completed. This will give you a diploma in coaching. As well as this, you will receive extra zoom calls with me and the opportunity to practise coaching with your fellow students. So, although they are more expensive in the package, they provide a lot more benefits than if you took the courses through Udemy. Enrolling directly through this website is for those of you who really want to create your own holistic business and should you wish to take a combination of my course diploma packages, you will be eligible to upgrade to my signature coaching program, which will allow you to call yourself a Certified Quantum Alignment Coach.

How do I contact you if I have a question not listed here? Why don’t you have a contact form?

I don’t have a contact form because I was getting too much spam and I didn’t want to miss any important enquiries. If you want to contact me, you can email my support team – who will do their best to answer and if, for some reason, they are unable to do this, they will contact me and I will be in touch with you as soon as I can. You can also message me through linkedin.