benefits of guided meditation

The Benefits of Guided Meditation

Today, I want to talk about guided meditation. I have mentioned, in previous posts, that meditation is easy to do. It is basically trying to clear your mind while focusing on something, such as a word (mantra); candle or even your breath. Guided meditation, on the other hand, is where someone else helps you to get into a state of meditation.

Why is guided meditation useful?

Guided meditation is useful for beginners who are finding it difficult to meditate. It is also excellent for people who are auditory learners. I will be talking about this later on in a post about NLP modalities, but if you know that you are someone who learns best by listening to instructions and enjoys music, you are likely going to find this sort of meditation useful.

What types of guided meditation are there?

If you look on YouTube you will find thousands of listings for guided meditation. It depends on what you want to get out of the session, which one will suit you. You might have to try a few before you find one you really like.

Some of them are instructions to help you with breathing and some ask you to focus on a mantra which is repeated during the session. Others have binaural beats as a backing track. These are brainwave entrainment beats which you listen to via headphones and they help your brain to go into an alpha or theta state, which is the state of relaxation.

If you enjoy a bit of woo-woo, you might enjoy a guided meditation that helps you to connect with your angels or spirit guides. There is literally something for everyone.

Remember, the idea of meditation is to clear your mind. By doing this, you can release stress associated with any worries or anxiety you may have. It also helps to regulate and slow your breathing which leads to lots of health benefits with regular practice.

So, if you haven’t tried meditating yet and you want to feel the benefits for yourself, choose a guided meditation session and have a go. You don’t need to take more than five minutes out of your day for it, so what’s stopping you? Go for it and share your comments below.

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