what are limiting beliefs?

What are Limiting Beliefs?

Do you find yourself reliving the same situation over and over again? Your new man, who started off so polite, is cancelling dates at the last minute and putting football before you, just like your ex and the ex before him and so on and so on. Why does this keep happening? Maybe you blame yourself or maybe you blame all men by repeating the phrase, ‘they’re all the same’ when you have to explain why you’re single yet again! This is just one example.

I have a situation that is constantly playing out in my life. It’s the same thing only with different people, much like when screenwriters adapt something with different characters – unfortunately, the plot is the same! If something’s been happening to you over and over and you’re getting fed up with it, you may need to work on removing your limiting beliefs.

Limiting Beliefs Explained…

Limiting beliefs are beliefs you have had, stored in your subconscious mind, since childhood. You probably won’t know you have a limiting belief until the same thing keeps happening to you over and over. Your mindset creates your reality, so if you  want to stop the annoying situation from happening again you need to find some quiet time and do some soul searching!

Limiting beliefs are just things that you thought were true because authority figures either told you were true or the way they acted made you think they were true. The example I gave above could be happening because you have a belief that ‘boys will be boys’ or you believe that men are better than women. If you grew up in the fifties, you likely saw your mum doing everything for your dad and formed the belief that women were there to serve men and men should be able to watch football after a hard day at work while you get to bake a nice cake. Are you starting to understand now how these beliefs were formed?

I am struggling to work out what belief I have that causes the same work situation to keep happening, but my gut instinct is that it is down to me believing that authority figures stop you doing what you really want to do and hold you back. This is probably due to teachers I had at school. I am working on this as I know that I have issues with authority figures and 9 to 5 jobs! Anyway, if a situation keeps happening, there is something you need to learn from it. The universe is trying to make you see something that you obviously keep missing; otherwise, you would break the recurring pattern.

How do I identify my limiting belief?

Firstly, work out what the situation is that keeps recurring. What is it linked to? Is it work, romance or money? Then, jot down how the situation has played out in the past. Who was involved? What happened? What was said? How did you attract that situation into your life? Write down everything you can think of. Next, write about the current or most recent situation. Are there any similarities or differences? The similarities and differences could give you clues so pay special attention to them. Now, go back to your childhood and all the authority figures, including parents, who made an impression on you. Were there any childhood situations that mirror what is happening now?

Using the example above, did you have a boyfriend in nursery school? (I know it wouldn’t be a ‘proper’ boyfriend as such but the male, female dynamic at this age would have implications for future relationships). If not, did your father let you down a lot? Did you see him doing what he wanted while your mum was left to look after you? Did you feel guilty because of this? Any one of these things could be contributing to the example above, if this is happening to you?

Hopefully, by doing this exercise, something from your childhood will be so obvious that it will allow you to break the pattern. Once you see that the belief came from an authority figure or a childhood experience, it will no longer have any power over you. You need to understand why the belief was formed and then you will create an alternative belief. So, for instance, if your belief was ‘what the man in the relationship wants should come first’ then you should change this to ‘men and women should have an equal relationship’. You would then repeat this in your mind several times a day until you really start to believe it. The weird thing about limiting beliefs is that, once you identify the belief from your childhood, you will argue that there is no way you could still believe that now. The answer is you don’t, on a conscious level, but it is the subconscious mind that believes it and it has power over both your conscious mind and your life!

If you have done all this and still feel like something is buried too deep then hypnotherapy may be the answer – it may even be something from a past life! If you want to have hypnotherapy, send me a message or book a session.

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