Clutter the power of decluttering

The Power of Decluttering

Research has shown a link between physical clutter and mental clutter. If you are cluttered in your mind, you are more likely to reflect this in your physical environment. If this is true, then you can help declutter your mind if you tidy up your physical environment – makes sense, right?

Again, research has shown this can help. Have you noticed how much better you feel when you finally clear out your closet and donate your old clothes to charity? It is very freeing. The act of decluttering your home almost gives a message to your subconscious mind that you are ready to get rid of things that you no longer need so that you can have something new in your life.

Spiritual Gurus also swear by decluttering. They believe it gives a message to the Universe that we are ready for something new and that you can’t have new things in your life if there is no room for it. You need to make space for the new things you want as the Universe hates a vacuum.

So, if that pile of stuff you’ve been meaning to sort through looks like an ordeal, break it down into smaller, more manageable steps. You’ll feel so much better each day that you’ll be motivated to keep going. I always find that once I get going I want to clear out more and more stuff.

What if I like my clutter?

Some people, hoarders are a good example of this, can’t bear to part with anything. There could be many reasons why. Perhaps you feel something will increase in value, or perhaps it reminds you of a special person who is no longer around. If the memory is a happy one, then keep the item but if you are just holding onto the past, this can also stop you moving forwards. Often, people who are afraid to throw things away are doing it because they are scared they won’t get any new things to fill the gaps. They have wardrobes bulging with clothes that they haven’t worn in years because it makes them feel like they have a lot of stuff. Whatever the reason you are holding onto stuff you have outgrown, the results are the same. It holds you back.

If you want to feel a new sense of freedom and commit to a new life, you need to sort through your clutter. Only keep those things that make you happy and, if they are too big and are getting in the way, find somewhere to store them. Ideally, though, you will only keep those things in your life that are useful and make you happy.

If you don’t believe that physical clutter is linked to emotional clutter and being stuck in life, start gently. Throw away, sell or donate some of your stuff that you don’t use any more and see what happens. You may be surprised!


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