Key to Manifestation

The Key to Manifestation

If you are asking the question how do I manifest something I want? then this is for you…

What we will say is that there are so many parts to perfect manifestation that this post will only give you an overview. Check out our other posts and programs to find out more…

What I have personally found is that the main aspect of manifesting seems to be the art of surrendering. Once you have put your intention out there to the Universe, you need to let go of it. Trust that it will happen. It’s the same process as ordering something online from a trusted retailer – once you press the buy now button and give all your delivery information you automatically relax and get on with other things, knowing that the delivery will turn up. You don’t keep checking it or start worrying about it not arriving (unless it’s a birthday present for someone but that’s a different matter!)

In most cases you will have let go of your need to control the outcome and you trust that you’ll receive your order and your manifestation will happen for you.

The Secret of Manifestation – We get what we expect.

When you want to manifest, it is important to accept your desires as already having been fulfilled. If you have any doubts whatsoever, that this is not so, you will fail to attract your desires. You can fool people, but you cannot fool the Universe. Every thought, feeling or doubt, no matter how slight, vibrates out to the Universe. Again, this is linked to quantum mechanics as we need to act as if we already have our desired manifestation as if we are acting like we don’t have it yet, or we doubt we will get it, then that is what will happen – we will either get it later than we wanted it or we won’t get it at all.

It’s only when you totally and unequivocally trust that your desires are as good as having already been delivered, that the manifestation will appear. The proof of your total trust is when you express your gratitude and already start celebrating, in spite of your present reality, which may be the exact opposite of what you desire. Until we choose to change and do things differently, we will continue to get the things we’ve always gotten.

In short, the answer to the question, how do I manifest, is to just trust. Trust that the Universe wants what’s best for you and is fully capable to supply what you want or even something better!

Trust that if you follow the laws of attraction and of manifestation, you shall certainly have everything you want. If you want to learn more about manifestation secrets, click HERE to access our FREE Cosmic Ordering Audio Program.

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