Quantum Theory

Quantum Theory: The Science of Manifestation

Here at Soul Minded Wellness we love keeping up to date with all the latest science in the fields of psychology, hypnotherapy and spiritual wellbeing and it is always interesting to us when the science finally catches up with the woo-woo!

Our latest Program, Quantum Alchemy, uses the power of quantum theory combined with the Law of Attraction and positive psychology to help you create the life of your dreams and now the rest of the world seems to be catching up with this…

People are now starting to realise that faking it until you make it (acting as if you are what you want to be) and connecting with your future self are the keys to manifesting.

How does Quantum Theory Work?

Well, Quantum Theory can be quite complicated, but we love it because it’s so weird! To sum it up, Quantum Theory is just that – a theory! This is because no scientist has been able to explain how the universe works yet. However, several of them have suggested that everything is made up of energy particles that change when we look at or focus on them. They also suggest that there is no such thing as time and so there are several different timelines running at the same time in everyone’s lives. Some are completely different but some are only slightly different and they cover each choice you have made. For example, in your current timeline you might be married with children and you don’t have a job, but in another timeline, you didn’t marry your current partner. Instead, you chose to travel the world and you ended up being a travel blogger. Every choice you had split the timeline and they argue that you can jump to any of these parallel timelines by acting as if you were the person in that timeline. Confused yet?

So What’s this got to do with Manifesting my dream life?

Well, if you can get clear on what you want, you can imagine yourself doing it. Take some time each morning and night to daydream. Imagine all the sights, sounds and textures you would be dealing with in your new reality. Picture yourself doing an activity you would be doing if you were already living in that reality. The key is to act as if you were already it! Manifesting fails for a lot of people because they always imagine their dreams in the future. You need to act as if you are already doing what you want to manifest. It might sound weird but there is a lot of evidence to show this works. If you want to be in a relationship, act as if you are already in one. If you want to be rich go to places where rich people hang out and soak up the atmosphere. You don’t have to spend a fortune to feel rich. If you would still go to the local coffee shop and have a large latte, in your preferred reality, then doing it now is still acting as if you were rich without having to spend money you don’t yet have.

Quantum Theory and The Power of Belief

We love Quantum Theory because it backs up so much that we know from the fields of psychology and hypnotherapy. This all works with mind power. You create your new life by visualizing it first, in your mind, then acting it out by taking inspired action. Once you set your mind a focus, you will start to attract (The Law of Attraction) what you are focused on. This is also one of the main rules of psychology. Like attracts like. You have to believe it though. You have to have faith that you can have what you want otherwise you will confuse your mind and the universe won’t be able to respond to your thoughts.

Quantum Theory and Vibration

You may have heard this from spiritual magazines and so on but now science is backing this up with experiments that have shown how positive emotions (which have higher energy vibrations) and negative emotions (lower energy vibrations) can have positive or negative effects on objects, such as water. Dr Masaru Emoto did a famous experiment where harmonious music was played to water and people said nice things to it and another glass of water was subjected to loud heavy metal music and negative words were said to it. When Dr Masaru Emoto looked at the water molecules under a microscope the difference in patterns was amazing. The water that had been treated nice showed beautiful patterns while the water that had been treated badly had jagged patterns. If your body is made up of more than 70% water think what you are doing to yourself when you have negative self talk or negative emotions. This will cause you to have lower vibrations which can mean attracting more of the same. It is likely that the things you want to attract are of a high vibration and so you won’t be able to access them without raising your vibration. You do this by imagining how you would feel living your ideal life, which should raise your vibration. You can also do this by doing more of what you love and less of what you don’t!

If you have found this interesting, there are so many books and articles that you can read to help you understand it more. There is a new TV show, here in the UK, called The Lazarus Project, which is also based on quantum theory and parallel timelines, which you might want to watch too.

Be prepared to see a lot more about this in the next few months as more and more people are becoming aware of the power of Quantum Manifestation and, if you want to take my new Quantum Alchemy Course (created for spiritual biz owners but useful for anyone who wants to start using quantum manifestation), you can do this by clicking here;

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