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Chakra Balancing using Meditation

There are seven basic Chakras in our bodies. Each has a location, a function, an influence, and color. They are the seven centres of energy in the human body and, when they are working perfectly, all aspects of life should be running smoothly. When one or more are blocked, this can cause mental, emotional, spiritual and physical issues in the areas connected with that particular chakra. This is why we need to do chakra balancing regularly.

The chakras symbolize the different stages we are to go through to attain the ultimate nirvana, or enlightenment. We start at the base chakra centre and work our way up. The ultimate is the crown chakra centre, which is almost impossible to attain due to us having to achieve perfect balance in the lower chakras, which can be difficult due to the areas they are associated with, such as basic survival needs, sexual and creative energy and speaking your truth.

How does meditation help with Chakra Balancing?

During meditation, we focus on the base chakra centre : Imagine bringing a bright, healing ight up through each chakra to the crown chakra centre and back, taking deep breaths through your nose and letting go through our mouth slowly while only focusing on the light and the chakras. You can use a crystal you feel drawn to for help with this. A selenite wand is a great tool to help you move the healing light down and up the chakras.

If there is a blockage you will feel it. This is why you need to understand chakra balancing and meditation before you start.  It’s a wonderful way to cleanse your body of blockages. If one of your chakras is blocked, you will feel a strange sensation, or different feelings, just relax and either stop or continue on by focusing on just that chakra to find out what the problem is.

You can also use a pendulum to do this. You can buy them from a spiritual store – check this one out – Crystal Pendulum – or you can make one using a piece of string and a ring. Just pull the string through the ring and you have your own ready-made pendulum. You hold it over each chakra area and ask it to move in a circle whenever it comes across a blockage and it should start to work for you, with practice. Again, this helps do develop your intuition.

How do I do the Chakra Balancing Meditation?

Any blockage can be worked out and balanced. This is why people feel out of sorts. One or more of their chakras are usually blocked.

When you do the meditation, you need to be in a peaceful and quiet place.

Sit with your feet on the ground and the palms of your hands facing up. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths before you start so you can relax. Then visualize a bright light and begin your chakra meditation focusing on the bright healing light moving through your body and using your selenite wand, crystal or pendulum as an aid to help you find blockages. You will need to know where each of your chakras are and this diagram should help you locate them: Working from the base chakra centre (red), move upwards to the sacral chakra(orange), the solar plexus chakra (yellow), the heart chakra (green), the throat chakra (blue) and the third eye chakra (indigo). The crown chakra is on top of the head and is violet.

chakra balancing

Once you become more experienced, you can use different coloured crystals to help balance and heal each chakra.

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