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A Mini Guide to Colour Therapy

So, what is Colour Therapy and how can it help you? Colour therapy can be quite complex: While some Colour therapists use special coloured lights, and other contraptions, to help heal the body and soul, you can achieve similar effects by choosing to wear clothes and accessories in carefully selected colours. You can also use coloured crystals if you want to take this a little further.  There are so many ways we can all use colour to help us look and feel better and we will look at some of these in this post…

The Science Bit!

Each colour has a certain vibration. It is this vibration that is thought to affect our mood when we look at the colour. Have you ever noticed your mood change when you’ve stepped into a dull room that’s been painted grey and has a lot of black furniture? Compare this to how you feel when you step into a warm yellow room with lots of green plants – the chances are the second room will make you feel much happier. It isn’t just about colour, but you’ll find that colour does have more power than you may realise.

Interior designers know how the right colours can change the mood of a home: warm colours help brighten up a room but can also make it look and feel smaller. On the other hand, cool colours can help bring a sense of space and peace to a room.

The same goes for clothes. Have you ever worn something because you feel good in it? Whether you’re aware of it or not, the chances it are it has a lot to do with the colour. This is why I never put clothes out the night before as my mood may have changed by morning and my soul will know exactly which colour to choose to help me have the best day!

If you have a favourite colour, you probably buy clothing and accessories in that colour. Sometimes, we choose a colour because we need the qualities that the colour gives to us. You will understand more about this as you read the sections for each colour.


Red is the colour of confidence, excitement, sexuality but also danger and recklessness. Use it when you need more energy or confidence or if you want to stand out in a crowd!

If you lack motivation, wear this colour to give you the push you need to go for your goals. Wearing red or eating red foods can also help you absorb iron from your foods better, so this is a good colour for you if you are anemic.

Too much red can lead to an inability to switch off and relax. It is a warm colour.


Another warm colour, orange can be used when you want to be active. It is especially good when you want to be creative and have some fun. It can be a great color to use when you’re bored and want to do something new. It can also help ease stress and shock.

Too much orange can have a depressing effect so avoid if you have depression.


Yellow is another warm colour that can make depression worse if used too much. This is ironic considering yellow is a bright, cheerful colour and can help improve people’s moods when exposed to it. It can also help with creativity and brings clarity to a confused mind.

Yellow is one of the best colours you can use for healing. It can help with digestive disorders; immune system problems, fatigue, nerves and SAD.

As with the other colours, there are many different shades from pastels to bright yellow. The brighter the colour, the more intense the effects.


Green is the colour of nature and is a tranquil and restful colour. A lot of hospitals, prisons and schools use green in their décor to help create a sense of peace and calm. It is the perfect colour to wear if you feel trapped or restricted by your circumstances or if you are overexcitable or agitated. It brings peace and can help you rest your mind and body.


The colour of the sky and sea, this is one of my favourites! Use it when you need to have proper rest and relaxation – they type of rest that recharges your batteries. You can also use it when you need to communicate clearly, so it will be perfect if you need to give an important presentation or attend a job interview. It is linked with trust, responsibility and authority. It is the preferred colour in a lot of corporations and is also favoured by police forces and other trusted organisations.


Violet and other purple hues are linked with spirituality and nobility. Wear violet shades when you want to balance your mind and body, improve your imagination and feel calmer. You can also use it to help you remove limiting beliefs and other obstacles from your life.

If you found this post interesting and you want to learn more about how to use colour in your own life or help others with colour therapy, then click the following link to take our popular Colour Therapy Practitioner Course.


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