past life therapy -waste of time?

Is Past Life Regression a Waste of Time?

A Past Life Regressionist’s views on Past Life Regression!

As a professional hypnotherapist, trained in all aspects of hypnotherapy, I have come across people who turn their noses up at having past life regression. There are usually two types of people who do this. The first type doesn’t believe in reincarnation and so, that’s fair enough! If you don’t believe in it, then don’t have past life regression! We are all free to make our own choices so nobody is forcing you to do anything you don’t want to do!

The second type of person usually does believe in past lives but thinks that a past life regression session is something you should do for fun and that is shouldn’t be taken seriously. They don’t think they should pay the same amount as for a traditional hypnotherapy session because it isn’t the same as a typical hypnotherapy session.

Here is where I want to set the record straight…

Why Past Life Regression Works…

Yes, past life regression can be fun – I love doing past life regression sessions for clients. For me, it’s like I’m reading a book or watching a movie, wondering who the person will be and what happens next! And, sometimes I will do sessions for fun. Usually, I will do these at events and will shorten the session to cover one past life and, on those occasions, I will obviously reduce my fee; however, I know, from experience, that past life regression, as a therapeutic tool, can give amazing results and transformations for people with unexplained fears, phobias, repeating negative patterns such as abusive relationships or toxic working environments, unexplained physical issues such as psychosomatic illness or rashes and so on. It can also be helpful for people with business blocks such as fear of success or failure or money blocks.

When Past Life Regression takes over!

I have had clients come to me for traditional hypnotherapy who have gone into a spontaneous past life because their powerful subconscious mind knew that their current issue was linked to past life trauma. One example was a woman who had a fear of flying. Some hypnotherapists will use clinical hypnotherapy to help with this issue and this can be very effective for people with no past life or childhood trauma; however, it won’t work if the client does have these issues. I will always do analytical (regression) hypnosis for people with fears as the cause of the fear is never what the client expects it to be. In the case of my client, she went into a spontaneous past life where she remembered being trapped in a submarine that was sinking during the war. Once she knew where the fear came from, we were able to release it so she could go on holiday with her fiancé. This is the power of past life regression. It can be the difference between masking a fear or phobia or getting rid of it altogether.

So, if you want to have past life regression for fun and curiosity, that’s fine – just don’t expect to be a King, Queen or someone famous as it’s very rare to experience this! But if you have any mental, physical or emotional issue that you can’t get rid of and don’t know why you have it then past life regression may be just what you need.

If you feel past life regression may help you, just click here to book a session with me.

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