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Business Success Hypnotherapy- is it for you?

What is Business Success Hypnotherapy?

When people think of hypnotherapy they usually think about stopping smoking or weight loss but hypnotherapy can be used for so much more…

One of the areas it can be extremely effective is in the area of business success. I have seen clients get amazing results and transformations from just one session…

How does Business Success Hypnotherapy work?

If you have a business but are not seeing the results you want and you think you are blocked in some way then hypnotherapy can help you get to the bottom of why this is. This might be difficult to imagine, but it can help with so many areas…

There are too many examples to mention; however, one example is when someone is struggling to attract clients because they have a fear of going on video. This might not bother some people, but for those of us who have online businesses, a lot of what we do involves going on video, from holding zoom calls to recording online courses and doing social media live trainings.

Going on video is a common fear that a lot of people overcome once they start doing it but for some people it is very traumatic and this is where business success hypnotherapy can help.

One client we worked with was regressed to a childhood experience where having a school photograph taken ended up with her being severely humiliated and teased. Releasing this trauma and reprogramming her mind with positive suggestions was the key to her getting on camera with no fear and trebling her income.  She had no idea that her fear of video was linked to that incident.

When should I consider business success hypnotherapy?

If you have a business that is struggling or you know you need to do certain things in your business but you are procrastinating then you may be an ideal candidate for business success hypnotherapy.

Procrastination is a form of self-sabotage which is usually linked to a fear or subconscious block. One example is fear of failure that may stem from childhood or even a past life.

Another success block could be visibility fears, as discussed above, or money blocks. Anything that stops you getting clients, money or being visible is a business block that can be overcome with business success hypnotherapy.

You can also use business success hypnotherapy if you are employed and want to enhance your career prospects. This can help if you lack confidence to go for a promotion or you have a fear of doing presentations and this is stopping you going for interviews where you may be expected to stand up in front of a group of strangers and do a speech!

Basically, if you want to increase your income and start earning the money you deserve then business success hypnotherapy could be the key to your new prosperous lifestyle.

If you want to have a session or combine it with our success coaching, click here.

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