I'm Anji Carr Bsc (hons)

If you're reading this because you want to start a soul led side hustle but you don't know what to do or where to start, then I know how you feel because that was me, a few years ago. I had so many things that I loved doing that I either tried to do them all at once ,which left me overwhelmed and exhausted, or I spent so long trying to niche down and do just one, that I ended up not doing anything at all!

The thing that kept me stuck the most (aside from the limiting subconscious beliefs) was trying to stick to one thing in my business. There are so many things I love to do and I couldn't choose just one. And, as most of these passions don't seem to go together, it was hard to 'niche down' as all of my business coaches and fellow entrepreneurs were telling me to do. This held me back so much until I did the inner work and had the realisation that everything I love to do can go together to create a unique offering that can help others .

This is why I've combined eveything I've learned into one website and one business! I now offer a full Soul-Led startup solution that brings together all of my passions and areas where I have the most experience and qualifications.


Things I love 

My Mission

I love helping people go for their dreams. I love personal and spiritual development, especially when it comes to psychology and the power of the mind to change our lives!

I also love health and wellness, holistic therapies and learning new things. I love to keep on top of new technology and I'm currently loving the new A.I tech from creating A.I art to prompt engineering with Chat GPT.  I also enjoy sharing my knowledge wih others, which is why I created my academy and membership communities.

I believe there are three things that make a successful entrepreneur. These are:

  1. A Success Mindset
  2. A business idea that they love (passion project)
  3. Being able to set it all up so it works for them

My mission is to provide all three in one place so you can get everything you need to start and grow your soul-led startup

Mindset Makeover

Using Hypnotherapy, Quantum Alignment Coaching and other holisitic tools to help you get the success mindset you need to go for your dreams.

Business Training

Helping you learn the step by step process you will need to get your online business set up and working for you easily and effortlessly

Community Support

Offering you the chance to join a supportive community where you can make friends and get support with your online journey.

Technical Support

Helping you get up and running with website design, email software, A.I technology and other useful tools.