I'm Anji Carr Bsc (hons)

If you're reading this because you want to find out more about me and this website, I  want to say "Hi, thank you for taking the time to read more about me and why I've created this website. I hope it helps you change your life for the better."

I am obsessed with the power of the mind and how it can literally change your life. I started out studying psychology and then hypnotherapy and it was through studying these subjects that I came across the Law of Attraction and Quantum physics and I was surprised that the science and the spirituality were basically saying the same thing!

What is that thing? Basically, it's that you get what you think about and focus on and your mind and thoughts create your reality.

I got so into all of this stuff that I created my holistic training academy as I love learning new things and sharing them with others.

The more I learned about the online space, the more people were asking me how I did it, so I started coaching people in how to get the business mindset and set up their online businesses.

Mindset is key and you can have all of the business basics in place, but without a success mindset, none of it will make any difference.


Things I love 

My Mission

I love helping people go for their dreams. I love personal and spiritual development, especially when it comes to psychology and the power of the mind to change our lives!

I also love health and wellness, holistic therapies and learning new things. I love to keep on top of new technology and I'm currently loving the new A.I tech from creating A.I art to prompt engineering with Chat GPT.  I also enjoy sharing my knowledge wih others, which is why I created my academy and membership communities.

I believe there are three things that make a successful entrepreneur. These are:

  1. A Success Mindset
  2. A business idea that they love (passion project)
  3. Being able to set it all up so it works for them

My mission is to provide all three in one place so you can get everything you need to start and grow your soul-led startup

Mindset Makeover

Using Hypnotherapy, Quantum Alignment Coaching and other holisitic tools to help you get the success mindset you need to go for your dreams.

Business Training

Helping you learn the step by step process you will need to get your online business set up and working for you easily and effortlessly

Community Support

Offering you the chance to join a supportive community where you can make friends and get support with your online journey.

Technical Support

Helping you get up and running with website design, email software, A.I technology and other useful tools.

Meet our Founder

As well as this I love taking care of my physical health too and I am a certified Level 4 Personal Trainer and Obesity specialist and I've combined this with my hypnotherapy knowledge to create a weight management program that I will be launching soon.

As well as this, I love writing and designing. I love to design websites and use new technology such as AI. Check out the AI image, on the right, that I created of me on the beach!

When I first got started in the online business world, coaches and other people were telling me I should niche down. I found it hard because I wanted to do all of the things I love, not just one of them, but I soon realised that they all could be combined...

This is why I've combined eveything I've learned into one website and one business! I now offer a full Soul-Led startup solution that brings together all of my passions and areas where I have the most experience and qualifications to help you live your happiest life and/or start your soul purpose side hustle.

If you want to work with me, please either book a session or contact me using the contact us form.