VIP Quantum Alignment Coaching Package

VIP Success Coaching Packages

This package is for you if you are ready to fully committ to your personal and professional development and intuitively know that coaching is the way forward.

Quantum Alignment Coaching is our signature coaching method that has achieved amazing results for both myself and my clients. This VIP Package uses a mixture of tools and techniques that will probe deep into your subconscious to find out the real cause of your current issues, particulary, those that are stopping you having the business or career success you desire.

We are specialists in identifying and removing core success blocks such as imposter syndrome, fears of failure or success or any other limiting belief that is causing you to self-sabotage yourself and your business. Once we have found this core issue we can work together to reprogram your mind for the success you deserve.

This package involves online coaching sessions and other tools and resources to help you move towards your dreams and takes place over a 3-month period.


** Once you have paid, someone will be in touch to schedule a convenient time for your sessions **


See what some of our loyal customers have to say about our company. We take great pride in ensuring the highest standards of customer satisfaction.

Geraldine Coffey

We worked with my confidence issues, which have been hounding me for most of my life and holding me back. After the first session, I began to feel better and went on to have a really great week. The sesson opened my eyes to the part of me that I could now let go of and leave behind. I literally saw it melt away into a corner. Since the sessions I am approaching my work with a very different attitude and I have booked 2 new cients in for 6 weeks each witout any doubt in my mind as to my abilities.

Deb Cotterill

Angela made me feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the exprience. I found the session enlightening and valuable. She provided inciteful guidance and I feel I have gained understanding of the issues I wish to deal with and also going forward how to deal with them. I would strongly recommend Angela to anyone who needs more self-understanding and help with tackling certain issues through hypnotherapy.

Laura Hough

Well. Very interesting indeed. Totally open minded going into these sessions. Never done anything quite like this before or on this level I wasn't quite prepared for the experience - brand new feelings within my body, visions outside my 'normal' capacity. Angela, in every sense, is wonderful. She is calm, patient and confident and is very natural with easy free flowing conversation, establishing rapport instantly. I feel, through speaking to Angela, that she has helped me understand myself a little more and I feel I have answers to some questions I'd been asking myself for a while - thank you. I am very grateful for your time.