What Floats Your Boat?

If you want it to rain money but you're in a drought right now, don't worry as we've plenty of low priced tools for you. Start with our blog and other free resources such as our journals and free Facebook Group.

If you're ready to put your money where your mind is, then we have a selection of mid-priced online courses and personal growth tools or you can join our low priced personal and spiritual development academy for just $7 per month. If you want to get personalised support, why not book a hypnotherapy or coaching session?

If you're ready to delve deep and invest in you, then we have higher priced diploma courses, VIP coaching and our special membership for soul led entrepreneurs which focuses on all aspects of starting and growing a soul led business, from getting the success mindset foundations in place to learning the tech and other processes to help you sail smoothly on your new journey. This is available at our launch price of just $49 per month.