past life regression therapy

Past Life Regression Therapy – What’s it all about?

Past Life Regression Therapy


Past life regression therapy is when a professionally trained hypnotherapist regresses a client either deliberately or spontaneously into one or more past lives. This can happen whether you believe in past lives or not as all  past life regression hypnotherapy is about taking a client back to the cause of a current issue. This can also work the other way around – if a client comes for past life regression for a certain issue and the issue is in this lifetime, the powerful subconscious mind will take the client to the childhood issue.

The powerful subconscious mind knows everything, so it knows what is causing problems and challenges in someone’s life and that can be anything from a physical issue, such as an unexplained pain in a person’s knee that has doctors baffled to a fear of birds that has nothing to do with anything that happened in this life.

Sometimes, when clients have no memory of a possible cause of an issue, for example, if someone has a fear of mice but can’t remember seeing a mouse as a child, this could either be linked to a past life or something that happened when the client was a baby as we don’t, as a rule, consciously remember things that happened to us before the age of 3 years old – this is because our subconscious mind is basically running the show until we get to about 4 or 5 years old – either way, if the client wants to find the potential cause of this fear, they will benefit from regression therapy.

I’m Scared – isn’t it better to leave past trauma in the past where it belongs?

Past life regression therapy might sound scary to some people, but it is just like any other form of hypnotherapy, which we all naturally go in and out of several times a day. It is nothing to be scared of. If you have no current issues that bother you, then there is no reason to have past life regression, if you don’t want or need it. If you feel that your current issues may be linked to a past life, but you’re scared of what you might uncover, don’t worry! There have been some horrible periods in history where people were burned, bludgeoned and tortured and, it is quite possible this happened to you! A professionally trained past life therapist will make sure that if you do uncover a traumatic incident or a painful death that it is handled so that you review, as an outside observer, rather than relive it. The aim is for you to understand the lesson from that lifetime and why it is affecting you now, so that you can release it once and for all. This is why not all memories should stay in the past. Sometimes, you need to make peace with something that happened and release it so you can move on.

What will happen during the past life regression therapy session?

A professional past life therapist will take the client into a light hypnotic state where they are capable of talking and answering questions. They will be fully aware of everything happening around them but will feel like they are slightly drowsy. The therapist will then regress the client back to a past life that is linked to the current issue, and then they will ask the client several questions especially designed to help them uncover as much information as possible about that particular lifetime and how it relates to the current situation. An experienced past life regression therapist will not only help the client identify causes of current issues but they will also help the client recognise gifts and talents that they had in a past life so they can bring it back to their current lifetime.

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