auras and how to read them

Auras and how to see them

What are auras? Whether you believe in the spiritual side of…

The Hidden Power of Psycards: How to Use Them to Tap into Your Inner Wisdom

What are Psycards? Psycards were created in 1998, by Nick Hobson,…
Feeling stuck in a rut

Feeling Stuck in a rut?

What's Stopping you getting unstuck? I've noticed, lately, that…
How to cope with the January Blues

How to Cope with the January Blues

Have you got the January Blues? It’s that time of year again…Christmas…
Christmas gratitude

It’s the season to be jolly

It might be the season of joy and goodwill but for a lot of people,…
crystal healing - does it really work?

Crystal Healing – does it really work?

The world has changed a lot since the pandemic, with people becoming…
vibrational alignment and the law of attraction

Vibrational Alignment and The Law of Attraction

If you are interested in holistic health & wellness, you…
Intuitive Eating

Intuitive Eating: Ask the Pendulum

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meditation tips for beginners

Meditation Tips for Beginners: 4 steps to a calmer you…

Meditation is one of the techniques often used for stress management,…
Clutter the power of decluttering

The Power of Decluttering

Research has shown a link between physical clutter and mental…