Brighter Home, Brighter Life

Brighter Home, Brighter Mood

I have already spoken about clutter and how it can affect your mind and your life. It is a similar situation with your environment. Have you ever walked into a house and felt the atmosphere? I am very sensitive to atmospheres in my environment. If there has been an argument in a room, I can sense it when I walk into it. I also get negative energies from some places and vice versa. This can have a positive or negative effect on my mood.

When my fiancé and I were looking for our first house, it was difficult as so many of them had such negative energy. One, in particular, felt really spooky and I could understand why the owner said she wasn’t living in it. The owner was living with her sister while she had the house for sale. It was immaculate and fully furnished so I might have thought this was weird had I not felt the horrible vibes about the place. Obviously, she also felt the negative energy in the place.  

We ended up finding a house that turned out to be a lovely family home but due to the area attracting some gangs and other undesirable occupants nearby, we were forced to move again. I didn’t like our current home when I first went to view it. It is big and has some lovely rooms, but it just doesn’t have the happy, homely energy I want in a house. What I have noticed, though, is that the more we decorate the lighter the energy feels.

The former occupants didn’t seem like nice people (that’s a story for another post one day!) and each time we get rid of some of their wallpaper or carpets, it feels as though we are getting rid of their negative energy and rooms that once felt stifling now feel much lighter.

When friends and family have visited recently, they have also commented on how much brighter it is. I feel happier and more energized since we’ve been decorating the past few months and I intend to do as much as possible to rid the house of the previous occupants stuff that has been dragging me down.

You are probably wondering what decorating a house has to do with mindset, but I bet that most of you also feel different once you enter a freshly decorated room. Even if  you don’t need to decorate, buying new cushions, plants or adding new lights or candles around the place can work wonders to improve your mood.

If you have felt lacking in energy, recently, take a look at your home. Do you have a favourite room where you feel the most comfortable? What is it about this room that makes you feel good? Is there a room you avoid because it makes you feel uncomfortable? What is it that makes you feel like this? Try adding candles, soft lighting, bright pictures, plants and brightly-coloured cushions to rooms you don’t like and see if this helps.

Brightening up your environment has an uplifting affect on your mood and your thoughts.

The same can also be said about your appearance. I know I always feel good when I have freshly-dyed hair, nice make-up, a new outfit and a spritz of my favourite perfume.  I have instant energy. I feel good and I end up having a much better day than when I have my greasy hair pulled back in a pony-tail and I’m wearing my sweat pants! I am going to start wearing more of my good clothes more often as I know I can achieve much more when I feel good.

I hope this has got you thinking. I have said many times now that your inner world creates your outer world, so if you’ve been putting up with a dingy environment due to your negative thoughts, please try my ideas. Buying new accessories does not have to cost a lot but they can have a dramatic effect on your mood.

If you struggle with decorating ideas, go and walk round one of those home stores, such as IKEA which has life-size models of rooms so you can get inspired

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